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Freight Payment & Auditing Service Provider

We have specialized in providing the best Freight Payment & auditing services in the industry to
meet the needs of multiple businesses. From small start-up brokerages to fortune 500 Companies. We have the proven solutions and experience to take the tedious tasks of Freight Payment & auditing off your plate.

Freight Pay & Auditing is what we do best!

freight pay audit services

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Freight Pay audit services

Features & Benefits

Freight Payment and Freight Bill processing services are keystones of our overall transportation logistics solutions. Our expertise reaches back to 1972 when totally manual processes were still used. As technologies change so have our processes and we are constantly looking for technological answers to our customers needs. While we still can provide manual processes that we convert into electronic solutions for customers, our match pay processes are cost effective and provide real time logistical solutions for transportation, accounting and purchasing professionals. We build customized rate tables for our customers which allows for easy audit of rates and charges and can be used for bench marking lanes, budget compliance, or carrier negotiations. Our newest project is to process and pay carrier invoices using cloud processing - including scans of all documents. Let us show you how we can simplify your payments and accounting while providing valuable analytical tools.

Customized Logistical Reporting

Every company and industry brings it’s own requirements on how they choose to best visualize their data to optimize company performance and to adjust to the ever changing landscape of the transportation industry. We can help you visualize your data in a way that makes sense to you.

Utilize our custom routing guides to ensure you are utilizing the best carrier for each shipment you make. Our McRate system allows you the ability to utilize your rates in the cloud. So every team member is utilizing the same current rates as everyone else. remove the guess work and choose the right carrier – every time.

Carrier Portals

The back and forth between carriers and customers can become very time consuming and tedious work. We take the off your plate by providing carrier portals. These allow carriers ease of mind knowing they can contact us directly with any questions regarding their payment status.

Secure Payment Processing

We will work with you to determine your best payment processes. We provide weekly closing and funding requests to ensure every invoice is paid on time – every time. remove the guesswork and feel confident knowing that all of your freight pay and audit needs are being handled by a seasoned freight pay audit company. 

Outsource your freight Audit Services

Freight Pay Audit is what we do best

Since 2004 we have specialized in freight pay audit services,

Freight audit is a tedious task that companies outsource due to the complexities of their organizations processes. We know a thing or two about the audit process and have garnered our expertise to help save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars a year through our multi-step audit procedures. Remove these tasks from your admin personnel to truly improve your bottom line with a trusted freight pay audit company. Reach out today for a free consultation to see how we can help.

Freight Pay Audit Process

Have your carriers send their invoices and proof of delivery to us. We will then have our data entry specialists code and enter for payment processing. We then run every batch through an extensive audit process to validate every line of their invoice for appropriate timely payment processing.

Data Entry & Coding

Invoices & Proof of Delivery documentation is coded and entered by our data entry specialists.

all Files are run through an extensive audit process

Your dedicated team will run all data through multiple audit queries and send you a weekly funding request. this funding request will have all data presented in a legible form and can integrate with your systems.


Carrier login portals

Once the funding has been received and processed we will release the payments to your carriers. Carriers will be able to login to our secure website and view all invoice payment status.